St Luke’s and St Alfred’s usually have a common sermon series based around a particular book of the Bible, or a particular theme. We sometimes have "standalone" sermons on particular topics. These sermons will be found in the Standalone sermon series.

The last series ran from August 5 to 30 September 2018 is entitled “The Search for Meaning” taken from the Bible book Ecclesiastes

Sermons are available to listen to – either as a download to your device as an MP3 file, or on-line via the built-in player. Sermons are listed in date order.

Our most recent sermons

Christian Hope

14 OCTOBER 2018
Bible Text: Isaiah 65:17-25: Revelation 21:1-4
Preacher:Rev Des Lowe

Series: Stand-alone sermons

Walking In God's Way

7 OCTOBER 2018
Bible Text: Genesis 18:17-19
Preacher:Rev Andrew Livingstone - CMS

Series: Stand-alone sermons


Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 12:1-14
Preacher: Brian Westaway

Series: Ecclesiastes - Search for Meaning

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