St Luke’s and St Alfred’s usually have a common sermon series based around a particular book of the Bible, or a particular theme. We sometimes have "standalone" sermons on particular topics. These sermons will be found in the Standalone sermon series.

Term Card -You can see the latest list of sermon series, the preacher and the bible passages that are coming up in the next few months. Click the below link called Term Card to download the pdf file.

We are pooling our resourses and are sharing the preaching roster, so our sermons will be from ministers of either church. The sermons will be available as an audio file, as we have always done. St Alfred's are livestreaming the 10AM services, available from our web site here, or on St Alfred's you-tube channel here



On 17th July 2022 the next series called Signposts for Life, commenced.


Our new series called Creation and Humanity commences August 28 2022

On November 27 2022 we comence our Advent series called Born

Our previous Sermons are available to listen to – either as a download to your device as an MP3 file, or on-line via the built-in player. Sermons are listed in date order.

We start a new series February 26 2023 called Life In The Kingdom based from the Gospel of Matthew


March2023-term-card.pdf March2023-term-card.pdf (2MB)

Our most recent sermons

Cost and Rewards

26th March 2023
Bible Text: Matthew 19:16-30
Preacher: Mark SImon

Series: Life In The Kingdom

Marriage and Children

19th March 2023
Bible Text: Matthew 19:1-15
Preacher: Graeme Vines

Series: Life In The Kingdom

Mercy and Forgiveness

12th March 2023
Bible Text: Matthew 18:21-35
Preacher: Mark Simon

Series: Life In The Kingdom