St Luke’s and St Alfred’s usually have a common sermon series based around a particular book of the Bible, or a particular theme. We sometimes have "standalone" sermons on particular topics. These sermons will be found in the Standalone sermon series.

We are pooling our resourses and are sharing the preaching roster, so our sermons will be from ministers of either church. The sermons will be available as an audio file, as we have always done, and also as a video sermon, available from our web site here, or on St Alfred's you-tube channel here

On July 26th 2020 we commenced a series called "Reflections during Lockdown" whilst Victoria, Australia undergoes a second wave of covid19, and we are under very strict lockdown.

On October 25 2020 we commenced a series called "How To Be Sure" from the Apostle John's three letters and these sermons are available below.

Christmas 2020 - Our two sermons "Light and Darkness" and "Light of the World" from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are in Stand-alone sermons.

Our current series commenced on February 7 2021, called "Jesus Is Lord - The Book of Acts". The sermon on Sunday March 7 is a very clear presentation on what it means to be a Christian - how to have a real relationship with Jesus.

In many ways after a long lockdown in Victoria in 2020 it seems as we are re-starting Church publically, so it is a good time to look back at the origins of the Early Church, as recorded in the book of Acts.


You can still get a taste of the Life Explored material here and view the videos and read the information on-line.


Our previous Sermons are available to listen to – either as a download to your device as an MP3 file, or on-line via the built-in player. Sermons are listed in date order.

Our most recent sermons

The Gospel Spreads

25th July 2021
Bible Text: Acts 10:23-48
Preacher: David Williams

Series: Jesus is Lord - The Book of Acts

Peter's Vision

18th July 2021
Bible Text: Acts 10:1-23
Preacher: Mark Simon

Series: Jesus is Lord - The Book of Acts

Tabitha Raised From the Dead

11th July 2021
Bible Text: Acts 9:32-43
Preacher: Mike McNamara

Series: Jesus is Lord - The Book of Acts