St Luke’s and St Alfred’s usually have a common sermon series based around a particular book of the Bible, or a particular theme. We sometimes have "standalone" sermons on particular topics. These sermons will be found in the Standalone sermon series.

We have just finished a series called "Solomon and the Kingdom of God" based from 1 Kings chapter 1-11, which we commenced on Jan 5 2020.

Our new sermon series is called "The Young Jesus" based from the early part of the Gospel of Luke. This series is our Lent series in the lead up to Easter. The first sermon will be on Sun March 15 2020.

We finished a series called "Explore Christmas" on Dec 29 for the Advent season.

You can still get a taste of the Life Explored material here and view the videos and read the information on-line.

Our previous Sermons are available to listen to – either as a download to your device as an MP3 file, or on-line via the built-in player. Sermons are listed in date order.

Our most recent sermons

Faith In A Time of Fear

29th March 2020
Bible Texts: 1 Peter 5:6-11 and John 16:31-33
Preacher: Peter MacPherson

Series: Stand-alone sermons


22nd  March 2020
Bible Text: Luke 2:26-40
Preacher: Lauren Weatherlake

Series: The Young Jesus


15th  March 2020
Bible Text: Luke 2:21-35
Preacher: Mark Simon

Series: The Young Jesus