Partnership with St Alfred’s

St Luke’s & St Alfred's: Partners in Mission

In Nov 2016 a partnership between St Luke's, Vermont and St Alfred's, Blackburn North was ratified by Archbishop-in-Council. We have called this a  “partnership in mission” as the primary motivator for both churches is to see St Luke's grow. The partnership has been agreed to last for five years, thus concluding in Nov 2021. This Mission Action Plan covers that period.

At present St Luke's is a small church comprising about 40-50 regular Sunday attenders, including a small number of children. We’ve identified four key issues that directly affect the growth potential of St Luke's: children, families, Sunday services and facilities. Each of these is mentioned in the Strategic Directions below.


As we commit ourselves to work together the following values will guide us. 


We will bring honour to Christ in all we do


We will seek the leading of God’s Holy Spirit in all we do


We will read and obey the Bible as God’s Word and as the source of truth


We will worship God personally and corporately


We will pray for the ministries and activities of our church


We will equip people and help them be actively involved in ministry and mission


We will look for opportunities to introduce people to Jesus


We will participate in the Christian community both locally and more widely


Our mission is to help people become mature followers of Jesus Christ.

This can be broken into five main aspects each summarized with one word.


This involves introducing people to Jesus and helping them become members of God’s church.


This is about helping people grow spiritually, learning to read and obey the Bible, deepening their prayer lives and growing as disciples of Christ.


This involves equipping people and encouraging them to use their gifts to serve others.


This is about reaching out to others with the love of God and proclaiming the good news of the gospel. 


This involves helping people love God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength. It is about worshipping God with all we have.

Strategic Direction


  1. Pray for five new people to join St Luke's each year.
  2. Re-develop the web site as an extension of our welcome ministry to help visitors find out about St Luke's.
  3. Develop our Sunday morning welcome ministry.


  1. Develop a preaching and Bible study program in co-ordination with St Alfred's.
  2. Develop our Sunday services so that they are accessible for families.


  1. Equip five more people to serve on Sunday service rosters.
  2. Teach one course on personal evangelism and encourage people to talk to others about their faith.


  1. Reach more children and families by growing our Sunday morning children’s ministry.
  2. Develop the St Luke's property so that it becomes more accessible for more people: increase parking, build indoor toilets, and improve access for disabled/elderly/prams.


  1. Develop our Sunday morning music ministry and seek the assistance of musicians from St Alfred's.

The Senior Minister and staff team will oversee the implementation of the Mission Action Plan but it will require the involvement of many others at St Luke's if these aims are to become a reality.

Progress will be reported to the Parish Council throughout the year and reported to the AGM.

We acknowledge that all of these aims are attempted under God’s sovereign direction and to bring glory to name of Jesus Christ.

Ratified and adopted by St Luke's Parish Council 21/02/2018

Rev Peter MacPherson
Senior Minister
St Luke's and St Alfred's Anglican Churches

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