Explore Easter - Sunday April 21 - Easter Sunday!

Explore Easter - Sunday April 21 - Easter Sunday!

We were treated to a laughter and fun filled I Spy Children's holiday program presentation during the service!

We were given an aerobics song called Unreal, Banana Peel, about how God's love is so unreal! The children led us in song - My God is So Big, So Strong and so Mighty!

We also saw a short presentation of the children's craft work telling the story of Zaccheus. Click on the file Zaccheus at the bottom of this page to see a 1 min 38 sec movie!

For more information on I Spy read the blog article.

Everyone will be given a special welcome at St Luke's. All are invited - stay for morning refreshments and meet Mark and his family.

You can listen to Mark's sermon here


Zaccheus.mp4 Zaccheus.mp4 (4MB)