Essentials for Life Series Completed

Essentials for Life Series Completed

The five purposes can be expressed in a number of ways. They include fellowship (“Get Connected”), discipleship (“Solid Foundations”), service (“Invest Your Life”), out-reach (“A Life of Mission”) and worship (“Loving God” – the topic for this week).

If you commit yourself to these five essentials you will discover great joy because you will be doing the things God has made you to do. You will also discover that your life has meaning and purpose.

As a church, if we commit to these five essentials we will create a church that is balanced rather than have too narrow a focus on just one element. It’s important we help people develop deep Christian relationships, grow in Christlikeness, use their gifts, reach out to others and express their love of God.

You might describe these essentials with words like belonging, growing, serving, reaching out and loving. They could also be described with words like membership, maturity, ministry, mission and worship.

 This series will lay an important foundation for the rest of the year. It will remind you of why we are church and what really matters. 

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